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Michael Jackson Alive, Member of EDL?

February 5, 2011


Jackson, with a look of whimsy, peers through the crowd

As reported today in The Guardian, the EDL had a kind of Islamophobic Pride parade in Luton today, waving football-related memorabilia and sporting fashionable G-Star RAW tops. More shocking, perhaps, was the presence of the apparently dead Michael Jackson amongst the crowd, looking a bit worse for wear. It is slightly baffling how Jackson would come back to life, and appear as a right-wing zombie in Luton. When you think about it though, this is actually quite acceptable behaviour when compared to how most zombies act, and the protest went off without anyone being bitten or turned into a zombie themselves. While this doesn’t excuse the actions of the mortal EDL members, Jackson here proved quite a good role model for the undead. In fact, it would be refreshing to see more zombies joining extremist groups of this nature and taking to the streets. So get out there zombies!

We can but hope



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