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Happy birthday Edison, you old young manbaby thing

February 11, 2011

Not a newborn

According to the foolish Google front page logo, today is Thomas Edison’s birthday. Logic informs us that it is impossible for Edison to have been born today, as plenty of pictures show that he is an old man. However, the reality is that Edison is some sort of Benjamin Button character, and from today he will proceed to get younger, uninventing all of the things that he previously invented.  While some may believe that this could have disastrous consequences for society, it could be that we are actually better off without some of these things. As has been shown by efforts in countries across the world, Edison’s electric light bulb is actually bad for the environment, and is probably the cause of global warming. Similarly, his so-called Kinetoscope is rubbish compared to Blu-ray, and there are no good films for it, not even Total Recall or Jackie Chan’s First Strike to name but two. Basically, the world is only set to gain from Edison’s eventual transformation into a baby, when we will finally be rid of his attempts to destroy the planet.


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