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Bizarrely, my seemingly ambivalent attitude towards this blog has led to more posts than ever before. However, there is still very little content to these postings. Here is a picture of the first picture that comes up when you type ‘picture’ into Google Images.

The first ever picture on the internet


Things I am unsure about

This blog. The reader base is almost exclusively me, and I have little patience for it.

Things I don’t like

I made this page mostly to list the things I don’t like, as and when I think of them. Here are some:

  • The phrase ‘does exactly what it says on the tin’.

It should be obvious why this is just a moronic thing to say.

  • People who stop suddenly in front of you in the street

Be more aware

  • ITV

It is shit

  • The new Northern Line/Picadilly Line layout at King’s Cross

Where the fuck are you trying to direct people?? How do we get out in the easiest, least convoluted way possible?

Well, that’s about it.


so this is here for no particular reason. If you’re reading this, then I have no idea how, or maybe why, but well done anyway. Rarely, if ever, will content of interest to others be in this space.